Tips for Keeping Cool: Beat the Heat This Summer

Jun 19 2024


The scorching sun blazing overhead, the hot wind whipping through, and that parched feeling in the air. These summer conditions may not be the most conducive for bikers and make biking feel like an uphill battle, with temperatures rising to an average summer temperature of roughly 71.9 degrees. But don’t worry! Here are eight suggestions to keep cool, collected, and in control even when the temperature is about to explode.

1. Consider Alternatives

It’s crucial to be mindful of the impact of high temperatures on riding. The physical exertion caused by riding can lead to significant calorie expenditure and can be a very draining activity. Motorcycle riding requires the riders to balance the bike with their entire body, including legs, hips, back muscles, and arms, and is expected to burn up to 300 calories per hour.

To mitigate the physiological strain that riding imposes on a rider’s body, it is highly recommended that riders incorporate regular breaks into their riding schedules. One recommended practice is to allocate one day for riding and the subsequent day for rest during the weekend, allowing the body to recover.

In addition, if going on a tour is the plan, consider enriching experience by exploring alternative activities during the tour. Set aside a day or even a couple to indulge in other relaxing activities that can help the body to rest and reset, such as leisurely walks along serene riverbanks or through quaint towns, sampling the flavors of regional specialties, cooling down in a nearby pool, and engaging in a variety of exciting activities. Then, go biking the next day.

2. Stay Hydrated

Being hydrated is the most crucial tip in enduring the scorching summer heat. Riding under the summer heat will inevitably cause riders to sweat significantly more than usual. Sweat contains the body’s fluid content and electrolytes. Consequently, sweating more in the summer can cause a significant reduction in water and electrolytes from one’s body and may cause extreme water or electrolyte imbalances and impair performance. Hence, riders must drink water to compensate for the fluid loss. It is highly recommended for riders to drink water or sports drinks before, during, and after completing their ride. A tip for riders is to store a few bottles of water or a camel pack to store their drinks while riding.

Another crucial tip is to refrain from consuming caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine can stimulate the digestive system, leading to discomfort during riding, and it is not as beneficial as water. Furthermore, alcohol is strongly discouraged as it can speed up dehydration. Hence, if riding in the summer heat is still part of the plan, it is important to make thoughtful considerations regarding beverage choices.

3. Wear Appropriately

Riders should prioritize wearing suitable clothing to stay comfortable while riding. Selecting synthetic cooling base layers is advantageous since it may maximize the cooling impact and reduce skin moisture absorption. Moreover, several apparel categories can greatly enhance air circulation and comfort. Base layers that are well-fitting and smooth are also particularly beneficial as they feel more comfortable on the skin and allow for more effortless movements.

Another effective product for staying cool is the cooling vest. This vest needs to be soaked in water, where it absorbs the water without adding much weight. It can be worn over base layers and under gear. When riding, the water slowly evaporates and effectively cools the body. Additionally, there are also neck wraps that function similarly to the cooling vests.

4. Gear Up

In hot summer weather, riders may feel disinclined to wear their protective gear properly. The thought of wearing a helmet with sweat trickling down the face in the heat is certainly unappealing. However, the discomfort can be minimized by maintaining proper hydration and wearing appropriate clothing. Riders can opt for a mesh jacket, trousers, vented boots, and gloves to stay cool while riding. Wearing complete gear also protects against sunburn. Additionally, it is advisable to apply sunblock on the neck for added coverage.

5. Timing Matters

During the summer, it’s important to carefully consider the timing of your rides. The hottest part of the day typically occurs between lunchtime and dinner, so mornings and evenings are best for cooler temperatures and refreshing breezes. However, it’s important to be cautious during evening rides due to potential wildlife encounters, particularly deer on the roads. With the longer daylight hours during summer, evening rides are not only possible but also quite pleasant.

6. Take breaks

While some motorcycles can travel long distances, stopping is still important for several reasons. Firstly, it gives riders a chance to replenish their fluids and energy for the ride ahead. Many riders are unaware of the physical toll that extended rides can have until they get off and stretch their legs, which reveals accumulated fatigue. Secondly, stopping allows riders to take off protective clothing, like jackets, gloves, and helmets, allowing the body to cool down and benefit from fresh air circulation. Finally, stopping allows riders to inspect the motorcycle for any potential problems.

7. Slow Down

Because of the thrill of the moment, riders frequently find themselves putting in more physical effort when riding on their favorite courses. Increased exertion results from the elevated enthusiasm, which intensifies exhaustion. While some theories claim that riding at higher speeds promotes ventilation, ostensibly cooling the body, the sheer demand for physical energy tends to offset any potential cooling effects. On the other hand, slowing down lets riders take in the amazing landscape, promoting a peaceful feeling and allowing them to relish the moment to the fullest.

8. Know when to stop

It’s important to recognize the symptoms of overheating, such as dizziness, lightheadedness, headaches, cramps, or nausea, which may lead to heat stroke – a dangerous and potentially fatal condition. When experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s crucial to stop immediately. Riders should find the nearest place to stop, get off the bike, and cool down. Remove the helmet and place a wet towel around the head, or find a cool, air-conditioned shop and drink plenty of water. If the symptoms persist, seek medical assistance promptly.

To sum up, these eight tips will help you ride smoothly and safely in the summer heat. By following these guidelines, you can make the most of your riding experience while staying cool, comfortable, and secure. Have a fantastic time on your summer adventures!

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