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How to maintain


The headlights on an e-motorcycle are crucial for ensuring visibility and safety while riding. To maintain them, regularly clean the lens with a soft cloth and check for any dirt or grime buildup. If the headlights are not functioning properly, consult the user manual to learn how to replace them or consider taking the e-motorcycle to a professional for assistance.

Brake Pads

Brake pads are essential for safe riding, requiring regular inspections and cleaning. Proper maintenance prolongs their lifespan, and if worn out, pads should be replaced immediately. Maintaining cleanliness and avoiding aggressive braking also contribute to enhancing road safety.


Drive chains are ideal for harsh environments like rain, dust, or sand, transmitting power effectively and performing at their full potential. If slack increases or movement is not smooth, inspect and replace.


The e-motorcycle’s motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, driving the vehicle forward. Regular inspections are crucial for maintenance. If the motor fails or needs replacement, consult a professional technician or manufacturer for assistance.

Front Forks

Front forks on e-motorcycles provide suspension and damping, ensuring a smooth ride. If replacement is needed, old forks can be removed by loosening triple clamp bolts, and new forks installed by reversing the process.


Non-removable batteries on e-motorcycles offer a streamlined design without a separate compartment. Maintaining the battery involves following manufacturer instructions, avoiding extreme temperatures, and charging regularly. Consult a professional for safe removal and installation.


Caofen wheels support vehicle weight and provide traction. Maintain by inspecting tire pressure, checking tire wear, and ensuring alignment.

Model Comparison Table

Model FX OR-60 (72V60A)  F80 OR-60 (72V60A)
Battery 72V60Ah Lithium NCM
battery,liquid cooled
72V60Ah Lithium NCM
battery,liquid cooled
Type of Motor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Type of Controller Sine wave vector controller
Overall Size 2080×800×1160mm 1950×785×1070mm
Frame Patented Aluminum-magnesium alloy one-piece frame ( Zero Welding )
Wheel Base 1300mm
F/R Tyre 80/100-21/ 100/90-18 70/90-19/ 90/100-16
Battery Capacity 4320Wh 3456Wh
Rated Power 5000W 4000W
Max Power 12000W 8000W
Ratio (0-50 km) / 238 s
Max Speed 85km/h
Max Range 180KM  (@30 km/h)
Rear Torque 380N.m 310N.m
Gradeability 40% slope
Front Fork Stroke 230mm 200mm
Ground Clearance 340mm 265mm
Seat Height 910mm 830mm
Vehicle Weight 97.5KG 85KG
Max Load 120KG 100KG
Wading Depth >750mm >600mm
Charging Time 4h 3h
Battery Auxiliary Heat  -40℃ normal charging
Operation Temperature -40℃—50℃
Carton Packing Size 1740*400*900mm 1650*385*850mm
Loading (20GP/40HQ) 32/102 40/128

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