Exploring the Caofen F80 E-Motorcycle: Road vs. Off-road

Mar 08 2024


Innovative features and designs are proliferating in the electric motorcycle industry, and the Caofen F80 is one model that stands out for being adaptable to various terrains. We shall examine the differences between the Caofen F80 e-motorcycle road version and its off-road equivalent in this blog post, emphasizing the characteristics that set each version apart.

Tires for Varied Terrain:

  • Road Version: Equipped with 2.75-18 front and rear tires for smooth navigation on paved roads.
  • Off-road Version: Fitted with 70/90-19 front and 90/100-16 rear tires designed to tackle diverse terrains.

Torque Power:

  • Road Version: Boasts a rear torque of 260N.m, providing ample power for urban commuting.
  • Off-road Version: Takes it a step further with 310N.m of torque, ensuring optimal performance on challenging off-road paths.

Braking Systems:

  • Road Version: Features a CBS (Combined Braking System) for enhanced stability and control on roads.
  • Off-road Version: Comes with an independent braking system, offering precision and responsiveness crucial for off-road adventures.


  • Road Version: Comes standard with rear-view mirrors, catering to the safety and convenience of urban riders.
  • Off-road Version: Optional rear-view mirrors, allowing riders to customize their off-road experience.

Lighting Indicators:

  • Road Version: Boasts LED light indicators for clear visibility on the road, enhancing safety.
  • Off-road Version: Opts for a more minimalist approach, foregoing LED indicators to maintain a rugged aesthetic.

Mudguard Rubber:

  • Road Version: This does not include mudguard rubber, emphasizing a sleek and streamlined design.
  • Off-road Version: Equipped with mudguard rubber to protect against dirt and debris in off-road conditions.

Color Options:

  • Road Version: Offers a palette of four colors – white, black, red, and silver gray – providing riders with a range of stylish choices.
  • Off-road Version: Available in black, red, and silver gray, aligning with the rugged and adventurous spirit of off-road riding.


The Caofen F80 e-motorcycle accommodates a range of tastes with its road and off-road variants, whether you’re riding through urban streets or discovering undiscovered paths. Riders are able to select the variation that best suits their riding style and way of life, taking into account everything from tire specs to torque power and design aspects. The Caofen F80 demonstrates that electric motorcycles may be both fashionable and practical, accommodating riders’ needs on a variety of terrains.

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