Choosing the Right Caofen Off-Road Electric Motorcycle: FX vs. F80

Jul 09 2024


When choosing the right Caofen off-road electric motorcycle, it’s important to consider various aspects to ensure the model fits your needs and preferences. The Caofen offers two models, the FX and the F80, each with distinct features tailored to different riders. Understanding these differences can help you make an informed decision.

1. Models and Speed

The Caofen FX model is designed for taller riders and those who crave speed. With a top speed of 100 km/h, the FX is the fastest of the two models, making it ideal for those who enjoy the thrill of high-speed off-road riding. In contrast, the F80 model, while slightly slower with a top speed of 85 km/h, still offers excellent performance for off-road adventures. This speed difference might be a deciding factor for riders who prioritize velocity and a more adrenaline-pumping experience.

2. Frame and Build Quality

Both the FX and F80 models boast robust and lightweight frames constructed from aluminum magnesium, featuring zero welds. This construction ensures a durable yet lightweight build, enhancing maneuverability and handling on rough terrains. Additionally, both models are equipped with a liquid cooling battery system, which is particularly beneficial during hot summer months. This system ensures that the battery remains cool and performs optimally, even under the scorching sun, allowing you to ride without worrying about overheating issues.

3. Range and Braking System

When it comes to range, both the FX and F80 models impress with their ability to travel up to 180 km on a full charge. This long-range makes these electric motorcycles suitable for extended off-road trips without the need for frequent recharging. The braking system on both models is equally remarkable, featuring an independent braking system that provides powerful and reliable stopping power. This ensures safety and control, even when navigating challenging terrains or making sudden stops.

4. Power and Suspension

The FX model is equipped with a powerful 12,000W motor, delivering 380 N.m of torque, making it suitable for tackling steep inclines and rough trails with ease. On the other hand, the F80 model comes with an 8,000W motor and 310 N.m of torque, which is still substantial for off-road riding but offers a slightly less aggressive performance compared to the FX. Both models feature excellent shock absorbers and an advanced suspension system, providing a smooth and comfortable ride, regardless of the terrain.

5. Seat Height and Load Capacity

Rider height and weight are also crucial factors to consider. The FX model has a seat height of 910mm, making it more suitable for taller riders. In contrast, the F80 model has a lower seat height of 830mm, which might be more comfortable for shorter riders. Additionally, the FX can support a maximum load of 120kg, while the F80 has a maximum load capacity of 100kg. Considering these specifications can help you choose a model that aligns with your physical comfort and riding style.

6. Battery Options and Pricing

Price and battery options are important considerations as well. The F80 model is generally more affordable, offering four battery variants with the least being a 72V30AH battery. The FX model, while slightly more expensive, offers two battery options, with the least being a 72V48AH battery. If budget is a primary concern, the F80 might be the better choice, providing more economical battery options without compromising on performance.

7. Color Options and Additional Features

Aesthetics and additional features can also influence your decision. The FX model is available in matte black and red, while the F80 comes in black, red, and silver gray, giving you more color options to choose from. Moreover, the FX model includes extra protection with a rear mudguard rubber, which can be beneficial for off-road riding in muddy or wet conditions.


By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the Caofen off-road electric motorcycle that best suits your needs, ensuring a satisfying and exhilarating riding experience.

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