Catering to Every Rider: A Look into Caofen E-Motorcycles Diversity

Jul 31 2023

At Caofen, we understand that every rider has different needs and preferences when it comes to their electric motorcycles. The Caofen F80 is a versatile and powerful e-motorcycle that comes in both off-road and road versions. These e-motorcycles are designed to provide riders with an exhilarating and enjoyable experience while also delivering practicality and reliability.

Off-road Version

The off-road version of the F80 features a wheelbase of 1300mm, which provides stability and control even in rough terrains. The front wheel is equipped with an AT tire, specifically designed for off-road riding. The off-road version has a long-lasting battery that goes for miles without making you worried about running out of power. The battery has a charging time of 2-3 hours and also has a battery auxiliary heat system, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply even in colder temperatures. The maximum power output of the off-road version is 8000W, allowing riders to tackle challenging terrains with ease. The maximum range is 150 km at a speed of 30 km/h, and the maximum speed is 85 km/h.

The rear wheel torque is 310N.m, providing sufficient power for acceleration and overcoming obstacles. The braking system consists of independent front and rear brakes, ensuring optimal braking performance in off-road conditions. The front shock absorber has a travel of 200mm, providing excellent suspension and cushioning on rough terrains. The off-road version also features a gradability of 40%, allowing riders to climb steep slopes without difficulty. The maximum load capacity is 100kg, making it suitable for carrying extra gear or luggage. Additionally, the off-road version is designed to handle water crossings, with a wading depth of over 600mm.

Road Version

On the other hand, the road version of the F80 is tailored for riders who prefer riding on paved roads. It shares many similarities with the off-road version, such as the wheelbase of 1300mm and the maximum power output of 8000W. However, there are some key differences in the features. The front wheel of the road version is equipped with road tires, specifically designed for optimal performance on paved surfaces.

The rear wheel torque is slightly lower at 260N.m but still provides ample power for acceleration and a smooth ride on the road. The braking system is a CBS linkage system, which ensures balanced braking performance between the front and rear wheels. The ground clearance is 265mm, allowing for easy maneuverability over speed bumps and other road obstacles. The seat height is 830mm, providing a comfortable riding position for riders of different heights.


Both versions of the F80 feature a robust frame made from one-piece aluminum alloy, which not only provides stability and control but also adds to the overall durability of the e-motorcycle. The frame design is also aesthetically pleasing, with chrome accents available in various color options. Currently, there are flash black, silver gray, red, white, camouflage, and electroplated versions available, allowing riders to choose a design that reflects their style.


In conclusion, the Caofen F80 e-motorcycle offers both off-road and road versions to cater to different riding preferences. While both versions share a powerful motor, robust frame, and stylish design, they have specific features tailored to their respective riding conditions. Whether you’re an adventure seeker looking to conquer rough terrains or a road enthusiast who enjoys the thrill of high-speed rides, the F80 has you covered. With its impressive range, speed, torque, and versatile features, the F80 is a reliable and exciting choice for e-motorcycle enthusiasts.

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