Mastering Machinery: Caofen F80 Controller and Sprocket Options Guide

Feb 17 2024


With its combination of state-of-the-art technology and sturdy construction, the Caofen F80 is a real powerhouse in the competitive world of electric dirt bikes. The F80 leads the way with its outstanding features as electric motorcycles continue to transform the off-road experience. We explore the nuances of the Caofen F80 in this blog, emphasizing the vital elements that characterize its functionality and distinguish it from rivals.

Frame and Battery Weight:

One of the key considerations for any dirt bike enthusiast is the weight of the bike, as it directly influences maneuverability and agility on rugged terrains. The Caofen F80 strikes an optimal balance with its lightweight frame. Weighing in at just 7.5kg, the frame provides the perfect foundation for a thrilling riding experience.

The heart of any electric vehicle lies in its battery, and the F80 doesn’t disappoint. Comparing one of its two battery options, the 72V48A battery tips the scales at 27kg, while the slightly lighter 72V32A battery comes in at 24kg. This lightweight yet powerful battery configuration ensures extended rides without compromising on performance, making the F80 a formidable companion for off-road adventures.

Controller and Sprocket Specifications:

To further understand the F80’s prowess, let’s explore the controller and sprocket details. The F80 boasts an Intelligent Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) controller with a maximum current of 125A. This advanced controller not only ensures precise control over the bike’s power delivery but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the electric system.

For enthusiasts who crave customization, the F80 offers a choice of sprocket configurations. The standard sprocket, with 62 teeth, strikes a balance between speed and torque, catering to a variety of terrains. For those seeking an extra edge, the optional 72-tooth sprocket is available, providing a setup optimized for specific riding preferences.


The Caofen F80 electric dirt bike, with its lightweight frame, potent battery options, and cutting-edge controller technology, is a formidable machine. The F80 guarantees an exhilarating and unique experience, whether you’re taking on exhilarating off-road excursions or maneuvering difficult trails.

The F80 is at the forefront of the global transition to electric mobility, demonstrating the viability of producing off-road vehicles that are both high-performing and sustainable. The Caofen F80 is more than simply a dirt bike thanks to its innovative design and precise engineering; it’s a symbol of the exciting future of off-road riding. Strap on your helmet, embrace the power and allow the Caofen F80 to completely transform the way you ride dirt bikes.

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