Caofen Dirt Bike Dealers Guide: Features & Certifications

Feb 06 2024

As the demand for sustainable transportation solutions grows, Caofen’s commitment to providing cutting-edge electric motorcycles is evident in its diverse range of offerings. In this blog post, we will delve into the features that make Caofen electric motorcycles a standout choice, focusing on tire options, braking systems, gearbox technology, certification requirements, and more.

Tire Options for Every Adventure

One of the key aspects distinguishing Caofen electric motorcycles is the availability of various tire options to cater to different terrains and riding preferences. The L1e European standard comes equipped with 2.25-19/2.75-18 forest and road dual-purpose tires, providing a seamless blend of performance on both surfaces. For the OFF-ROAD version, the front wheel sports a 70/100-19 tire, while the rear wheel is fitted with a 3.00-18 field tire, ensuring optimal traction in off-road conditions. The L3e standard configuration offers front tires of 3.00-18 and rear tires of 90/90-18, providing riders the flexibility to choose between forest and road tires.

Braking Systems: Safety at Its Core

Caofen electric motorcycles prioritize safety with their advanced braking systems. The L3e road tires can be optionally equipped with an ABS or CBS braking system, offering riders enhanced control and stopping power. The L3e version adopts the CBS front and rear linkage braking system, while the L1e and off-road versions feature a front and rear independent disc brake system. These braking innovations contribute to a secure and reliable riding experience.

No Gearbox, No Problem

Caofen electric motorcycles eliminate the need for a mechanical gearbox, opting for a first-stage direct chain drive transmission. This design choice results in a low failure rate and high reliability. The motorcycles feature three electronic shifting gears controlled by electronic buttons, providing riders with a seamless and efficient shifting experience.

Certification and Shipping: Crossing Borders with Ease

Navigating the regulatory landscape is crucial for any vehicle manufacturer, and Caofen has meticulously addressed this aspect. The L1e and L3e versions are certified under the European Union’s EEC (WVTA) certification, making registration mandatory for EU users. Additionally, the off-road version holds CE certification, while the United States and Canada-bound motorcycles are DOT-certified. Caofen ensures that all necessary certificates for transportation, including maritime identification reports, MSDS, and UN38.3, are readily available, streamlining the shipping process for customers.

Unveiling the Differences: L1e vs. L3e

Beyond the technical specifications, understanding the distinctions between the L1e and L3e versions is crucial for potential buyers. The L1e, certified for speeds below 45 km/h, caters to those seeking a portable electric motorcycle. On the other hand, the L3e is a road version with a maximum speed exceeding 85 km/h, equipped with a CBS brake system. The primary visual differences lie in the headlights and masks, while the core components remain consistent across both models.

Streamlined Certification and Transportation

Caofen’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends to the efficient provision of necessary certificates for certification and transportation. Whether it’s the WVTA certification for the EU market or DOT certification for North America, Caofen ensures that the required documentation, including maritime identification reports, MSDS, and UN38.3, is readily available post-order.

In conclusion, Caofen Electric Motorcycles redefines the riding experience with a focus on versatility, safety, and innovation. With a range of tire options, advanced braking systems, gearbox technology, and streamlined certification processes, Caofen stands at the forefront of the electric motorcycle revolution. Embrace the future of transportation with Caofen, where every ride is an adventure waiting to unfold.

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