Caofen at the Osaka FIM E-Xplorer World Cup

Jan 23 2024

Embrace the Future of Riding with Caofen’s Electric Marvels

In the heart of Osaka on February 17th, brace yourselves for an electrifying spectacle as our cutting-edge Caofen electric motorcycles gear up to conquer the trails in the prestigious E-Xplorer event. Join us on this thrilling journey as we introduce our extraordinary riders and their unmatched prowess.

Unveiling the Powerhouse Riders

Hosaka Yoshikazu: ENDURO International A Class Rider

In the heart of electric motorcycle racing, one name resonates with unparalleled skill and dominance – Hosaka Yoshikazu. Our formidable rider in the ENDURO International A Class, Yoshikazu brings a wealth of experience and a winning spirit that sets him apart. As he gears up for the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup in Osaka on February 17th, 2024, anticipation builds around his ability to conquer challenging terrains and emerge victorious.


Suqahara Yuka: ENDURO International B Class Rider

Suqahara Yuka, a rising star in the ENDURO International B Class, is set to captivate audiences with her prowess on the Caofen electric motorcycle. A perfect fusion of agility and determination, Yuka’s journey through the ranks promises an electrifying performance that challenges the boundaries of electric motorcycle racing. The FIM E-Xplorer World Cup will bear witness to Yuka’s relentless pursuit of excellence on the track.

The Caofen Electric Motorcycle

Cutting-Edge Technology Redefined

At the core of our pursuit for electric motorcycle supremacy lies the Caofen brand. Redefining cutting-edge technology, our motorcycles stand as a testament to innovation and performance. The intricately designed Caofen electric bikes not only meet but exceed the demands of competitive racing. With state-of-the-art features and precision engineering, these machines are crafted for victory.

Sustainable Racing, Unmatched Performance

Beyond the thrill of the race, Caofen electric motorcycles champion sustainability without compromising performance. Zero emissions and minimal environmental impact characterize our commitment to a greener future. As the FIM E-Xplorer World Cup evolves, our riders exemplify how sustainability and high-performance can seamlessly coexist on the track.

Caofen’s Triumph on the Global Stage

A Global Debut in Osaka

The FIM E-Xplorer World Cup is set to witness a historic moment as the Caofen electric motorcycle makes its debut . The Expo’70 Commemorative Park in Osaka, Japan, becomes the epicenter of this global unveiling on February 17th, 2024. As the series takes its first steps towards becoming a global championship, Caofen cements its position as a force to be reckoned with on the international stage.

Osaka: A Fitting Backdrop for Caofen’s Ascent

The choice of Osaka as the launching pad for Season Two is more than strategic; it’s a convergence of shared ethos between the city and E-Xplorer. Spearheading sustainable development and embracing cutting-edge technologies, Osaka sets the stage for Caofen to showcase not only its electric prowess but also its commitment to a future where racing and sustainability go hand in hand.

Conclusion: Caofen’s Electric Triumph

In Osaka, on February 17th, 2024, the Expo’70 Commemorative Park will witness the unveiling of electric supremacy. The FIM E-Xplorer World Cup serves as the grand stage for Caofen electric motorcycles and their riders, Hosaka Yoshikazu and Suqahara Yuka, to etch their names in the annals of racing history. As they prepare to dominate, our commitment to excellence and sustainability takes the spotlight.

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