Braking Marvels: Caofen F80’s Dual Braking Systems

Mar 01 2024


The Caofen F80  is a powerhouse on two wheels, built to conquer both on and off-road terrains with equal finesse. One of the standout features that contribute to its exceptional performance is the braking system. The road version of the Caofen F80 boasts the CBS (Combined Braking System), while its off-road counterpart is equipped with an Independent Braking System. In this blog, we’ll explore the innovative braking technologies that make the Caofen F80 a force to be reckoned with.

CBS Braking System for On-Road Dominance:

The road version of the Caofen F80 is equipped with the CBS braking system, a technology designed to enhance rider safety and control. CBS intelligently distributes braking force between the front and rear wheels, creating a synchronized and balanced braking experience.

Key features of CBS:

a. Proportional Brake Force Distribution:

CBS ensures that when the rider applies the front brake, a portion of the braking force is also transferred to the rear wheel, and vice versa. This technology prevents skidding and provides stable braking, especially during emergency stops.

b. Enhanced Stability:

By optimizing the distribution of braking force, CBS contributes to better stability and control, even in challenging road conditions. Riders can navigate corners and sudden obstacles with confidence, knowing that the braking system is working in harmony.

c. Reduced Stopping Distance:

The synchronized braking action reduces the overall stopping distance, a crucial factor in avoiding collisions and enhancing overall rider safety on the road.

Independent Braking System for Off-Road Prowess:

The off-road version of the Caofen F80 features an Independent Braking System, acknowledging the unique demands of challenging terrains and varied riding styles.

Key features of an Independent Braking System:

a. Individual Control of Front and Rear Brakes:

Unlike the CBS on-road version, the off-road variant allows riders to independently control the front and rear brakes. This feature provides a higher degree of precision and adaptability, crucial for navigating through uneven terrains and conquering obstacles.

b. Tailored Braking for Off-Road Challenges:

The Independent Braking System is designed to excel in off-road environments, offering riders the flexibility to modulate brake force based on the terrain. This adaptability is essential for maintaining traction and control on dirt trails, rocky paths, and other challenging surfaces.

c. Responsive Handling:

With independent control, riders can execute sharp turns and maneuvers with greater ease. The responsive handling enhances the overall off-road riding experience, making the Caofen F80 a formidable choice for dirt bike enthusiasts.


The Caofen F80 stands out not only for its powerful engine and rugged design but also for its cutting-edge braking systems. Whether conquering the asphalt jungle with the CBS on-road version or tackling off-road challenges with the Independent Braking System, riders can trust the Caofen F80 to deliver a thrilling and safe riding experience. The dual braking systems underscore Caofen’s commitment to innovation, ensuring that riders can confidently explore diverse terrains with optimal control and precision.

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